Thermal Imaging for Detecting Elevated Body Temperature

FLIR thermal cameras have for a long time been used in public spaces—such as airports, train terminals, businesses, factories, and concerts—as an effective tool to measure skin surface temperature and identify individuals with Elevated Body Temperature (EBT).

As we all come to terms with the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), we find our next step is to start considering the long term need for controlling the spread of infection. As businesses re-open, whether that be to the general public or staff within the work place, we are seeking out tools that can help us create a safe environment.Although no thermal camera can detect or diagnose a virus, FLIR cameras can be used as a method for assessing skin temperature, with tools for detecting elevated body temperature as people enter a building, for example, through quick individual screening.If the temperature of the skin in key areas (especially the corner of the eye and forehead) is above average temperature, then an individual can then be selected for further virus-specific diagnostic tests.  Helping to reduce or dramatically slow the spread of viruses and infections.If you are seeking a camera solution to detect Elevated Body Temperature (EBT), please contact our Sales Team to discuss Thermal Imaging further.Check out the FLIR A400/A700 Advanced Smart Sensors with EBT toolsWatch as FLIR explain more about the EBT tool