Truly Open eVision

Easy just got a new meaning…

No Training Required!

Optical Character Recognition now powered by deep learning technologies, EasyOCR2 comes with two pre-trained character classifiers that work out of the box and do not require any training!

Part numbers, serial numbers or date codes printed using standard industrial fonts or the OCR-A font, uppercase, numbers and common punctuation marks can be read all without the need of a GPU or training.

Matching point clouds has never been Easier!

Easy3DMatch library features alignment functions to find the exact pose of acquired 3D objects using a reference model.

The Models can be specified point cloud or a 3D mesh from CAD software. Easy3DMatch has a wide range of compatibility being able to use 3D data coming from 3D acquisition technologies like laser triangulation, structured light, ToF.

Ai Goes Easy!

EasyClassify requires label training images, that is to tell which ones are good and which ones are bad or which ones belong to which class. If the process requires setting apart bad parts from good ones, EasyClassify returns whether each part is good or bad.

EasySegment performs defect detection and segmentation. Identifying parts that contain defects by training “good” images only. The tool can be used to classify new images as good or defective and segment the defects from these images. By training only with images of “good” the unsupervised mode of EasySegment is able to perform inspection even when the defect is unknown.

EasyLocate is the localization library for deep learning. Locating and identifying objects, products or defects in the image. EasyLocate has the capability of distinguishing overlapping objects and, as such, EasyLocate is suitable for counting the number of object instances.

Truly Open eVision

eGrabber Gigelink provides a universal, hardware-independent access to GigE Vision cameras. With Gigelink, programmers can use the eGrabber concepts, objects, and function calls to acquire images from GigE Vision cameras.

eGrabber Recorder is an optional library of eGrabber that provides video recording services to hard drives. It is compatible with hard disk drives (HDD) as well as solid state drives (SSD).

eGrabber Studio is the new evaluation and demonstration applications of eGrabber, allowing image acquisition testing with Coaxlink framegrabbers and GigE Vision cameras.

Make your next application Easy with Open eVision