Universal Industrial Camera

The all new Universal Industrial Camera Series from HIKrobot

Introducing the ALL-NEW CU series of Universal Industrial Cameras from HIKrobot! Packed full of innovative features, the CU series is designed to offer users so much more than a standard industrial camera… these products operate by using a low-power consuming platform and as a result, the entire camera series offers exceptional performance levels when compared with any direct competition. Combine these enticing attributes with the competitive pricing and fast delivery also currently unmatched in the industry, and you will find yourself with a fantastic universal industrial camera product that fits every requirement for any user.

Outstanding price/performance

High quality and exceptional performance levels combined with competitive pricing; The HIKrobot CU series is providing many vision professionals with the camera solution they long for.

Built-in Image Preprocessing

With the built-in ISP algorithms like wide dynamic range, noise reduction and sharpness, this universal industrial camera series can be flexibly adjusted according to the user’s actual scenarios. The ISP allows users to minimize external interference, stabilize imaging, and reduce the burden on the back-end algorithm.

Why use a HIKrobot CU camera from Multipix Imaging?

  • Multipix have an extensive HIKrobot range available for evaluation
  • Time is taken to discuss your requirements and offer the best camera advice
  • You benefit from a UK sales and support team with extensive vision knowledge.
  • Advice on everything from illumination to the image processing software and application solutions.