USB 3.0 interface technology this year will become a very relevant interface for professional cameras used in industrial, medical and mass-market applications.  USB 3.0 is set to become a highly accepted, standard interface technology due to its support for bandwidth speeds up to 300MB/s. Designed to be a plug-and-play technology, allowing fast and precise real-time data transmission as currently offered by IEEE1394/Firewire technology.  MultiPix believes USB 3.0 will become a major mainstream interface replacing IEEE1994/Firewire technology.

The AIA commitee have been working throughout 2012 on standardising USB3.0 for vision applications.  Allowing camera manufactures to produce USB3 Vision standard products.

Basler have been contributing personnel and technical expertise to the committee and are now about to launch their Ace USB3 Vision camera models. Achieving high quality and performance levels combined with a low starting list price and a small 29 x 29 mm housing.  Basler Ace cameras are one of the world’s best-selling cameras with thousands of satisfied customers. These USB3 interface cameras are compliant with the new USB3 Vision standard, which ensures that users will enjoy reliable data transmission, greatest possible flexibility in selecting a camera and long-term safeguarding of their investment. Models include:

  • acA640-90uc/um, 659  x 494 pixels, 90 fps
  • acA640-120uc/um 659 x 494 pixels, 120 fps
  • acA1300-30uc/um 1296 x 966 pixels, 30 fps
  • acA1600-20uc/um 1628 x 1236 pixels, 20 fps
  • acA2500-14uc/um 2592 x 1955 pixels, 14 fps