Multipix Imaging will return to the AMTC, Coventry and AMRC, Sheffield in November to host our new event ‘What the Eyes Can’t See’. Join us on a journey through the electromagnetic spectrum. Discover the technologies being used at different ranges within the spectrum and where the cameras are used in the real-world to solve demanding applications.

Learn about…

  • Visible Light (390-750nm) – The visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye. See a live demo of this in action using a Basler ace industrial camera.
  • Near Infrared (750-1100nm) – Is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum directly adjacent to the visible range; therefore it cannot be perceived with the human eye. But with correct camera and lighting technology, the invisible becomes visible.
  • Short-Wave Infrared (900-1700nm) – This technology creates a powerful solution to numerous applications and differs from thermal imaging which relies on radiated photon detection. See live demonstration of NIT’s SWIR cameras in action.
  • Thermal (7500-14000nm) – Thermographic cameras detect radiation and produce images accordingly. Learn about thermal technology and cameras features so you can make informed decisions. Experience FLIR’s thermal cameras.
  • Also cover two other important techniques, Hyper-spectral and Multi-spectral imaging.

Don’t miss this opportunity to further your knowledge with Multipix. Take your knowledge to the next level, attend our free events and learn more about these exciting camera developments.

Register for either our Coventry or Sheffield venues.