What’s New?

Euresys introduce eGrabber 20.0 new Features!

Dual-stream CoaXPress

This new release of eGrabber adds to the 1-camera firmware variant of 3606 Coaxlink Quad CXP-12 the support for 2-tap 2Z-2YE area-scan cameras delivering image data through two distinct data streams. This feature allows the re-construction of the original image without loading the host CPU.

Horizontal image flipping

eGrabber 20.0 now has horizontal image flipping capability to the 2-camera. line-scan firmware variant of 3602 Coaxlink Octo. This feature allow the horizontal flipping of images without any additional delay to the application.

Image format and size controls for Coaxlink & GigE

Set the width, height, and pixel format feature values used by the data stream. This feature allows the application to override the values defined by GigE Vision or CoaXPress remote devices.