Xenics Expands Options for Lynx R and XSL R Series

Xenics recently enhanced its line of linear short-wave infrared (SWIR) cameras with the introduction of the Lynx R series back in May. Now, they are introducing additional choices, including models with 2048 rectangular pixels, for both the Lynx R and XSL series.

The Lynx R and XSL R series offer cost-effective solutions for applications that demand high performance, such as spectroscopy, optical fiber monitoring, LIDAR sensing, and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography. These cameras boast impressive features:

  • High-speed line-scan imaging, reaching up to 40 kHz (or 10 kHz for the 2048 pixel models).
  • High resolution options of 1024 or 2048 rectangular pixels (measuring 12.5µm x 250µm).

Xenics is committed to meeting customer needs and addressing challenging applications. With the addition of the 2048-pixel models to the R line-scan series, along with the existing linear SWIR products like Lynx SQ, XSL SQ, Manx SQ, and Manx R, Xenics now provides a comprehensive linear portfolio. The increased pixel count enhances measurement accuracy, widens the field of view, or enables higher-performing OCT implementations.

All linear SWIR products are GenICam® compliant, and Xenics offers an optional Linux SDK for seamless product integration into industrial systems. These cameras support industry-standard interfaces, including CameraLinkTM, GigE Vision, and 16bit DV (exclusively for XSL R versions), making the Lynx R and XSL R series versatile and robust choices for demanding machine vision applications in the linear SWIR product range.

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