The fastest SWIR Linescan camera on the market, the Xenics Manx

Multipix have been evaluating the latest SWIR linescan camera from Xenics. The Manx Series designed for industrial applications, comprises of the Manx R with rectangular pixels and the Manx SQ with square pixels.

Both Xenics Manx R and Xenics Manx SQ consist of six high-speed linescan models with 512, 1024 and 2048 pixels, each available both in 128kHz or 256 kHz line rates. In order to accommodate their high speeds all models are offered with a CoaXPress interface.

Multipix Technology Specialists are suggesting this camera series is suitable for a broad range of applications including; Food Sorting, Silicon Wafer Inspection, TFT Screen Inspection and Glass Inspection where square pixels are needed, and OCT or Spectroscopy systems (for Laser Wavelength Analysis) where rectangular pixels are required.

When using the Xenics Manx series you’ll benefit from high speed, high resolution and high dynamic range with low noise.

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