Solving Problems On A Different Wave Length With Xenics

Multipix Imaging are delighted to announce their new partnership with Xenics, specialists in Short Wave Infrared cameras for machine vision applications

Short wave infrared (SWIR) is becoming more widely used in vision solutions, as this technology can pick out features that are not immediately obvious in the visible spectrum. Xenics, established in Belgium in 2000, specialise in the development of SWIR InGaAs imaging detectors and cameras.  The Xenics range also includes linescan and embedded camera options.

SWIR Vegetable SortingApplications that can benefit from Short Wave technology include those in the Food Processing and Packaging Industry. For example, water content of organic matter such as vegetables causes them to absorb the SWIR wavelength, therefore a SWIR camera is excellent at identifying foreign objects mixed in with vegetables or fruit.

Xenics SWIR cameras are also excellent at eliminating visual noise, making small scale inspection applications on items such as semiconductors and components like silicon wafers, easily identifying flaws that would otherwise be hard to spot.

Learn more about Xenics cameras includes the following models:

  • Bobcat Series 320 / 640 / Gated – Based on temperature stabilised InGaAs detectors, the Bobcats series are compact and low powered area scan cameras capable of achieving up to frame rates of up to 100 Hz. Available with CameraLink or GigE Vision interfaces.
  • Lynx Series Square / Rectangular – Economical short-wave infrared linescan cameras capable of achieving image line rates up to 40 kHz, making them ideal for demanding machine vision applications. Available in square or rectangular versions with either CameraLink or GigE Vision interfaces.


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