Xenics Wildcat – High Performance SWIR Camera Series

High performance, InGaAs based SWIR areascan camera

Xenics, specialists in the infrared spectrum, have a huge range of temperature stabilised InGaAs sensor cameras. Now they launch their new Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Wildcat 640, providing a high performance option specifically designed for industrial use whilst maintaining the small size characteristic of their SWIR range. The addition of a USB3 vision interface option, thermoelectric stabilised cooling or heating and 2 in/out triggers make it a step up from their already popular Bobcat series.

The Wildcat 640 offers 640 x 512 resolution with frame rates upto 110 Hz, at low weight and power specs, with either CameraLink or USB3 Vision interface options. Thanks to its high dynamic range, trigger flexibility and low noise/dark it is ideal for use in hyperspectral imaging, semiconductor inspection and laser beam analysis.

A special variant capable of achieving frame rates up to 220 Hz is also available for maximum performance, which is recommended for advanced users only.


Xenics Wildcat Examples

Image Samples as Wildcat 640 capturing Semiconductors, Food and Art

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