Euresys Picolo Alert PCIe

Equipped with the Euresys video-surveillance FPGA, the Alert is capable of acquiring images from up to 16 independent cameras with a total digitising power of 200 frame per second  (PAL) constantly available. The user is free to share this digitising power between the 16 channels, according to the requirements of the application.

  • Frame, field, CIF, QCIF and custom image formats
  • Image adjustments such as video contrast and brightness
  • 16 Video Digitiser on-board, total 200fps configurable
  • Maximum of 16 cameras per board
  • MultiCam SDK and drivers for full application development
  • PCIe x1


  • BNC to BNC cables
  • MultiCam SDK

Models Available

  • Euresys Picolo Alert PCIe Data Sheet
  • Imperx
  • Moritex
  • Basler
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • IO Industries
  • Euresys