IMAC On-Axis

IFV Series: Ideal for objects with mirrored surfaces, highly uniform lighting with coaxial and straight coaxial lighting.

IFVH High Power Series: Ultra high luminance coaxial lighting making high-speed inspection possible.

IDH-180 Magic Dome Series: Dome light with camera hole.

IFH Square Dome Series: Square lightweight line 8mm dome light.

IV/IHV/IHVB/IHVC Coaxial Spot Series:  Ultra high-intensity coaxial light, ideal for workplaces with mirrored surfaces, light and compact.

Models Available

  • IMAC IFH series
  • IMAC IFV series
  • IMAC IFVH series
  • IMAC IV, & IHV series
  • Euresys
  • Imperx
  • Moritex
  • IO Industries
  • FingerLake Instruments
  • Basler