Moritex MTI Series

Moritex’s MTI Telecentric Illuminator series is designed to provide the best collimated light performance possible over a large field of view, the MTI models have a flexible design allowing it to be coupled with the various coaxial lights in their LED portfolio.


  • Designed to position principal ray parallel to lens optical axis at both object side and image side by controlling viewing angle as “near-zero”
  • Maintaining image side magnification regardless of how close/far the object is located, this provides an ideal solution for dimension measurement
  • Highly accurate measurement can be achieved even for the object position with angle or different height
  • Incident angle to the sensor is constant, this generates less shading which results in an image with very uniform brightness
  • Stable, repeatable measurement is possible in addition to reducing the effect of object position offset even if camera or sensor installation is not securely fixed along the optical axis

Telecentric illuminators view objects differently



Models Available

  • MTI-45-CG-070
  • MTI-45-CW-070
  • MTI-45-CG-070-L (L shape type)
  • MTI-65-CG-070
  • MTI-65-CW-070
  • MTI-65-CG-070L (L shape type)
  • MTI-100-CG-070
  • MTI-100-CW-070
  • MTI-100-CG-070-L (L shape type)
  • MTI-120-CG-070
  • MTI-120-CW-070
  • MTI-120-CG-070-L (L shape type)
  • MTI-135-CG-070
  • MTI-135-CW-070
  • MTI-150-CG-070
  • MTI-150-CW-070
  • MTI-180-CG-070
  • MTI-180-CW-070
  • MTI-195-CG-070
  • MTI-195-CW-070
  • MTI-265-CG-070
  • MTI-265-CW-070

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