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  • Machine Vision system inspects plastic moldings for the food industry

    Halcon Imaging Software inspecting Plastic Moldings Disposable plastic moldings used in the food industry are often produced in high volumes, requiring systems that can operate efficiently at very high speed without causing any damage. Machine Vision Technology has developed an automated quality control and inspection system to handle and inspect…

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  • Vision System Checks Surface Mount Resistors

    Halcon imaging software checks surface mounted resistors for defects such as blemishes, cracks, and scratches. This is machine vision system is utilising a camera which is fitted with a motorised zoom lens capturing images of the resistors. HALCON, which is run on a PC, then determines any defects. The co-ordinates of…

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  • Vision System inspects laser drilled holes

    A vision system measures the location and sizes of laser-drilled holes in a plastic part used in a gas safety device. When a manufacturer of small plastic parts used in gas detectors for the mining industry required a new machine to automate the laser drilling of holes in such parts,…

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  • Industry 4.0 Smart Warehouse Logistics

    Smart Warehouse Logistics project makes use of Driver-less Vehicles with Basler Time-of-Flight 3D Cameras Current driver-less vehicles are very limited having to follow certain routes and not having the capacity to react flexibly to change. For example, if a barrier were to be encountered the autonomous vehicle would be forced into…

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