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  • Basler sprint Line Scan Cameras Used in Continuous Strip Inspection

    A whole range of defects can make materials like foil, metal, or non-woven textiles, for example, useless for production. To make sure no spot, scratch, or contamination compromises the quality of the material used, a German customer of Basler used sprint line scan cameras to take a scrutinising look at…

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  • Vision System Checks Surface Mount Resistors

    Halcon imaging software checks surface mounted resistors for defects such as blemishes, cracks, and scratches. This is machine vision system is utilising a camera which is fitted with a motorised zoom lens capturing images of the resistors. HALCON, which is run on a PC, then determines any defects. The co-ordinates of…

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  • Vision System inspects laser drilled holes

    A vision system measures the location and sizes of laser-drilled holes in a plastic part used in a gas safety device. When a manufacturer of small plastic parts used in gas detectors for the mining industry required a new machine to automate the laser drilling of holes in such parts,…

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  • Industry 4.0 Smart Warehouse Logistics

    Smart Warehouse Logistics project makes use of Driver-less Vehicles with Basler Time-of-Flight 3D Cameras Current driver-less vehicles are very limited having to follow certain routes and not having the capacity to react flexibly to change. For example, if a barrier were to be encountered the autonomous vehicle would be forced into…

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