PCIe framegrabber successfully monitoring Car Park

MultiPix Imaging are working with a company specialising in Car Parking Management,  providing enforcement solutions and alerting systems for free, limited time and paid parking car parks.  With the aid of high resolution industrial cameras, PCIe framegrabbers and image processing software a vision system is created based around reading the vehicle registration number plate, otherwise known as ANPR, Automated Number Plate Recognition.  This multi camera system uses the Euresys Alert PCIe framgrabber cards capable of acquiring images from up to sixteen independent cameras with a total digitising power of 200 frame per second!

At the point of entering and exiting a car park the vehicle number plate is recorded, this then allows for a management  vehicle to drive the car park at a later time again recording the number plates of the parked cars.  This data is then used to determine those vehicles parking illegally and a fine can then be generated.  This solution creates a fully automated enforcement service available 24/7.  A similar car park management system can also be used for monitoring ‘free’ or ‘limited time’ parking environments, such as supermarkets, retail parks and private parking facilities. Julie Busby, director at Multipix adds ‘This system eliminates the need to manually patrol the car park making it a safer environment and  gives continuous operational feedback 24/7 sending data back to a secure station’.

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