Photoneo Bin Picking Studio Turnkey Solution

Using Photoneo’s Bin Picking Studio alongside a PhoXi 3D Scanner, this customer was able to create an automated solution for picking shiny objects randomly spread across 5 layers of 8 boxes.

The challenge was to provide accurate object recognition across a large scanning volume. Using an XL model of the PhoXi 3D Scanner meant they were able to take full advantage of these important functions:

  • CAD-based object recognition
  • Robot-camera calibration for a fully synchronised setup
  • Robot communication interface allowing easy configuration
  • Path planning and dynamic collision avoidance across 5 – 6 second long cycles

Once set up, this fully automated process has led to greater efficiency, a reduction in operating costs and overall increase in productivity as compared to performing the task manually. Solutions such as this allow your work force to focus on more technical tasks.

Full information is available on Photoneo’s site:

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