Everything Illuminated – The Perfect Backlight With fluoreSHEET

Backlighting is an incredibly useful way of focusing on the outline of an object for inspection purposes, from car parts to precision engineered components it allows you to reduce visual clutter and check structural integrity. The problem however is that the panels needed for backlighting can be both expensive and require a large amount of space to set up.

The new Backlight fluoreSHEET from MidOpt is an adhesive, water repellent and flexible sheet solution for spatially constrained applications. By utilising an orange bandpass filter with blue LED illumination from the front, it will create a bright white diffuse background when captured with a monochrome camera.



As pictured above, the orange bandpass filter blocks out the blue colour from the LED light to create a perfectly bright white background needed for backlight illumination. You can also check it out in action with the fantastic demo video below:



The Backlight fluoreSHEET is available in the following sizes: 11? x 17? (280 x 432mm), 11? x 14? (280 x 356mm) or 8.5? x 11? (216 x 280mm


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