5 Step Lens Calculator

Ever find yourself struggling to choose the right lens for a camera system? Selecting the correct lens is a critical part of any vision system.

The good news is, we now have a 5-step lens calculator to help, but it is always best to talk to one of our experts for advice to ensure all options have been considered! Although basic lens focal length calculations are relatively simple, there are other critical things to consider when selecting a lens – read more here.

In most cases, our 5-step lens calculator should help to select an appropriate lens from the vast range of lenses available.  There are almost always options and multiple manufacturers to consider.  Compromises are almost always required, so definitive selection can be tricky.

Please download our 5-step calculator for full details, the 5 steps are as follows:

  1. Find out the physical measurements for the sensor in your camera. (reference table provided in our calculator).
  2. Consider a macro lens for small Fields of View (FOV).
  3. If the FOV is larger than a macro lens can handle, calculate the approximate focal length required using the equation provided in our calculator.
  4. Calculate the Optical resolution required, (reference tables provided in our calculator).
  5. Use the information above to select an appropriate lens. (worked example provided in our calculator).

Other considerations should include environmental conditions (high vibrations, lighting conditions, and space requirements) as well as repeatability.

More complex requirements may need to take account of:

  • Depth of Field (DoF)
  • Vignetting (shading)
  • Geometric distortion (barrel and pin-cushion)
  • Chromatic aberration (colour blurring)
  • Perspective distortion (telecentric/collimation)
  • Transmission (of specific coloured light)

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