Beyond The Limits Of Moore’s Law With GPU Based Computing

Struggles with maintaining CPU performance growth means other options are needed

Embedded GPU based computing offers compact and efficient options for applications requiring on edge computing, such as autonomous driving and AI based processing. Unlike other computing solutions, embedded GPU devices are now far surpassing the limits of Moore’s Law to allow continued development across emerging markets starting to utilise machine vision.Embedded GPUs Multipix

Our current range represents a handful of choice solutions and we will be more than happy to accommodate requests for different specifications.

  • Nuvo-8208GC – A heavy duty platform featuring dual GPU compatibility for up to 28 TFLOPS in FP32
  • Nuvo-7160GC – A hard wearing embedded PC supporting up to a 120W GPU, with a patented Cassette design and smart controlled fans for effective cooling
  • Nuvo-6108GC – The world first for supporting extremely high-end GPUs  such as the GTX 1080 and TITAN X for us in industrial applications
  • Nuvis-5306RT – An exceptional combination of computing power, built-in camera interfaces and I/O control for machine vision
  • eBOX560-900-FL – This extremely compact embedded PC features the NVIDIA® JETSON and is compatible with the Jetpack 3.2 SDK
  • BOXER-6841M-A4 – Expandable box design with PCEIe expansion slots for flexibility and high performance



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