MVTec release MERLIC 3 – Bringing Enhanced OCR Based Deep Learning Technology

The latest MERLIC major release is now available for download! With this release, MVTec address one of the market’s strongest demands: exploiting the power of deep learning in machine vision software. Combined with various other features and improvements, MERLIC 3 will allow you to create machine vision solutions easier, faster, and more cost-effective than ever.

MERLIC 3 is available as a free upgrade for all MERLIC users and can be used with an existing MERLIC 2 license. We recommend all MERLIC 2 users to update their MERLIC installation with this release. Users who still run MERLIC 1.X need to upgrade their license to MERLIC 2 before they can use MERLIC 3.

Here are some exciting new features of MERLIC 3…

Enhanced OCR Based on Deep Learning Technology

In MERLIC 3, the technologies for optical character recognition (OCR) have been further improved. MERLIC now includes a new, deep-learning-based OCR classifier that can be applied to numerous different fonts. This allows MERLIC 3 to achieve higher-than-ever recognition rates of number and character combinations on workpieces for reliable identification and further processing. Another advantage resulting from these improvements: Dot-print fonts are now read more robustly.

Improved Bar and Data Code Reading

The new MERLIC release also further improves the reading of bar and data codes, thus making the recognition of blurry, overexposed, distorted, or low-contrast QR codes more robust. Moreover, QR codes with uneven column widths can now be read without problems. Furthermore, the software can also read partially occluded or partially defective bar codes. The recognition of ECC 200 codes with missing finder patterns as well as the robustness against false positives were also optimised.

Figure 1) MERLIC 3 offers improvements to the QR code reader

Figure 2) MERLIC 3 reads partially occluded or partially defective bar codes.








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