Photoneo Secure Huge Investment for 3D Sensor business

Photoneo 3D sensors are paving the way for the future of e-commerce order fulfillment

Photoneo recently announced an investment of $21 million from AI Capital, IPM Group, Earlybird, Venture to Future Fund, and Credo Ventures, as well as all investors who participated in previous investment rounds. The newly raised capital will accelerate 3D Sensor business, an example of this is BRIGHTPICK


BRIGHTPICK: the first and only fully-automated fulfillment solution for warehouses and grocers to support huge throughput via smart AMRs and AI-powered robotic picking. Its modular structure can be tailored for a range of usage, from Nano to Central Fulfilment Centers.

Efficient order picking solution proven by hundreds of thousands of items picked every day.

Suitable for Nano & Micro Fulfillment Centers, as well as Central Fulfillment Centers.

Enabling same day or even rapid delivery.