Datalogic Matrix 210N ID Reader

Offering extreme reading performance and integrated Ethernet in an ultra-compact housing.

  • WVGA image sensor @ 60fps
  • Unrivalled decoding libraries
  • 1D, 2D, Stacked and Postal symbologies
  • Ultra compact dimensions


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Matrix 210N 2D reader offers extreme reading performance and integrated Ethernet in a ultra-compact housing. The WVGA image sensor captures up to 60fps to the powerful internal illuminator producing dynamic reading capability. The unrivalled decoding libraries run on the new high speed hardware platform delivering superb reading robustness and impressive decoding rates. Ideal for Electronic PCB assembly processing, Medical device traceability, Pharmaceutical manufacturing and packing, Food & Beverage and Access control system applications.

  • High performance on dynamic reading applications
  • Integrated Ethernet
  • Ultra compact dimensions
  • Direct and 90° window models for smart mounting
  • Outstanding decoding capability on 1D, 2D, Stacked and Postal symbologies
  • X-PRESS™ for easy and intuitive setup
  • Optical aiming system
  • 10 to 30Vdc power supply
  • USB connectivity
  • ID-NET™ embedded high speed connectivity
  • Region Of Interest Windowing for higher frame rate
  • Run Time Self Tuning for higher flexibility
  • Cables
  • Connection Boxes
  • All in one kits
  • Panel connectors for CBX series
  • CBX series accessories and Fieldbus
  • Power Supplies

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