Euresys Open eVision

Image Analysis tools for most common inspection tasks. Contains a set of 64-bit and 32-bit libraries designed to be integrated into your C++, .NET or ActiveX application.

  • Sub-pixel measurement and calibration.
  • Delivered with new Quick Start Tutorials
  • Robust and flexible tools
  • 3D Object Extraction and Measurement Library
  • Separate Deep Learning Bundle with EasyLocate


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Open eVision 2.13 is a rich suite of reliable, powerful and flexible software tools dedicated to image processing and analysis. Open eVision contains a set of 64-bit and 32-bit libraries designed to be integrated into your C++, .NET or ActiveX application

  • Hardware-independant libraries. Compatible with any image source, including frame grabbers, GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras
  • Accurate: sub-pixel measurement and calibration
  • Compatible with Windows’ x86 processor architecture and a large variety of programming languages and development environments
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Robust, flexible and powerful

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Libraries include…

NEW EasyLocate – as part of Deep Learning Bundle

  • Localisation and identification of objects/products/defects
  • Counting of objects
  • Supports data augmentation and masks
  • Compatible with CPU and GPU processing
  • Includes the free Deep Learning Studio application for dataset creation, training and evaluation

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  • Detection of 3D objects in point clouds or ZMaps
  • Metric detection criteria
  • Compatible with arbitrary regions
  • Computation of precise 3D measurements, like size, orientation, area, volume…
  • Automatic extraction of object local support plane
  • 2D and 3D graphical display of the results
  • Full-featured interactive demo application

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New Easy3DMatch

  • Align a scanned 3D object with another scan or with a reference mesh
  • Compute the local distances between 3D scans and a golden sample or reference mesh
  • Detect anomalies such as misplaced features, geometric distortions, gaps, bumps,…
  • Compatible with all 3D sensors that produce point clouds, depth maps or height maps

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  • Single and Dual Laser Line Extraction into a depth map
  • Convenient and powerful 3D calibration for laser triangulation setups
  • Compatible with the Coaxlink Quad 3D-LLE frame grabber

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  • 3D Laser Line Extraction into a depth map
  • Point cloud calibration and management
  • ZMap generation and management
  • Interactive 3D display with the 3D Viewer
  • 3D processing functions

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  • Includes functions for dataset creation, classifier training and image classification
  • Compatible with CPU and GPU processing
  • Able to detect defective products or sort products into various classes
  • Supports data augmentation, works with as few as one hundred training images per class
  • Includes a free Studio application to ease the creation of deep learning applications

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  • Set of optimised fundamental image processing and analysis functions
  • Convolution and morphology
  • Geometric transformations
  • Histogram computation and analysis
  • Noise estimation and reduction
  • NEW: HDR (High Dynamic Range) image fusion

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  • Sub-pixel point location and edge fitting
  • Highly accurate and robust
  • Advanced and automatic calibration
  • Multiple gauge models
  • Measurement of position, orientation, size, curvature, distance
  • Interaction through graphical interface

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  • Pattern matching using normalised correlation
  • Sub-pixel accuracy
  • Rotation and scaling support
  • Detection of multiple pattern occurrences
  • Support of grey scale and colour images
  • Support of “don’t care” areas

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  • Image segmentation based on the grey scale of connected objects
  • Object labeling
  • Geometric feature extraction
  • Flexible Masks
  • High performance, especially for large images and images with numerous objects

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  • Fast conversion of images between 11 colour spaces
  • Colour segmentation: to identify objects based on their colour
  • Colour verification: to verify the colour of objects

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  • Pattern matching using a feature point technology
  • Fully automatic, fast and robust
  • Invariant to rotation and scaling
  • High tolerance to pattern degradation
  • Support of “don’t care” areas

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  • Optimised for reading short texts such as part numbers, serial numbers, expiry dates, manufacturing dates, lot codes, …
  • Innovative segmentation algorithm to automatically locate texts in the image based on expected character size and text topology
  • Full support for text rotation (360 degrees)
  • Able to read severely degraded characters: support for character fragmentation and uneven lighting
  • Learning of character database from one or multiple TrueType Font (ttf) file(s)
  • Assisted learning of character database from sample images
  • Character database management: adding characters; saving, loading database
  • Pre-trained classifier powered by deep learning technologies suitable for industrial text marking fonts

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  • Teachable character recognition for the most reliable and fastest recognition
  • Invariant to character size
  • Tolerant to poorly printed, broken characters
  • “Connected” characters separation
  • Pre-defined fonts included

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  • Automatic detection of the barcode in the image
  • Automatic detection of the symbology
  • Very fast and robust
  • Full support of numerous symbologies
  • NEW: Mail Barcode Reader

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  • Automatic detection of the code in the image
  • Decodes ECC200, ECC000, ECC050, ECC080, ECC100 and ECC140 codes
  • Computes quality indicators as per ANSI/AIM, ISO/IEC 15415, ISO/IEC TR 29158 and SEMI T10-0701 standards
  • Very fast operation
  • Impressive robustness to noise, blur and distortion
  • NEW: Support of GS1 Data Matrix codes

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  • Automatic detection of the code in the image
  • Decodes model 1 and model 2 QR codes, all versions, all levels
  • Very fast operation
  • Impressive robustness to noise, blur and distortion
  • Error detection and correction
  • Rotation and flipping invariant

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  • Comprehensive character verification with automatic training
  • Greyscale analysis
  • Text and character-level inspection
  • Contrast, position and shape defect detection

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