Leimac IDGB-PG series Programable Digital PWM Controller

Power supply with programable mode function for Leimac industrial lighting products.

  • Input AC100-240V (optional for 24VDC)
  • Output 12VDC or 24VDC
  • 2 to 8 Channels
  • Programmable
  • Check product compatibility with Multipix

Leimac IDGB-PG series power supply with programmable mode function for Leimac industrial lighting products.

A single ‘ON’ signal controls the number outputs and sequence that are to be turned on.

Selectable lighting mode: level mode and edge mode

The lighting sequence, dimming, and light emitting time of up to 8 channels x 4 patterns can be set and saved.

Remote adjustment using the programming mode function which reduces on-site time; easy to configure the control depending on the inspection task and inspection objects.



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