Toshiba Teli EX Series

High Speed CoaxPress with new IP Core ‘Teli Core Technology’

  • CoaXPress 2.0 CXP-12 Quad interface
  • e2v 67 MP CMOS EV2S67MB Sensor
  • Up to 60fps
  • Global Shutter
  • Ideal Partner with Euresys CXP Framegrabber

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The Toshiba Teli EX Series is an integrated camera with a CoaXPress 2.0 interface. Utilising the e2v 67MP CMOS sensor, the EX Series provides users with a wide field of view. The use of CXP-12 Quad allows high speed transfer of images.

Measuring only 60mm, the chassis of this Series can be installed easily. The lens-mountless structure makes it possible to use different lenses according to the application requirements.

Perfect Partner with the Eureys CXP Quad framegrabber 


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  • MultiPix Imaging Components Ltd
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