All-in-one picking solution for Robotics and Automation
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The most versatile robotic intelligence software

Bin Picking Studio is a combination of powerful 3D vision hardware and intelligent software to make robotic bin picking more intuitive and accessible for robotics & automation.

  • Overcome complex tasks
  • Drastically reduce the need for operator oversight and intervention
  • Increase overall throughput and efficiency
  • Heavily reduce cost and save time

Discover the full power of true 3D robotic picking.

Application Examples

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    Photoneo Bin Picking Studio is the world’s best all-in-one solution that will reduce both your costs and downtime, taking your automation to the next level.

    Why Bin Picking Studio

    Vision-guided robots are essential for automation, the more complex tasks become the more need there is for operator oversight and intervention. The whole reason for robotics and automation is to minimise costs and free up time. Multipix vision experts can help you to overcome complex tasks with ease, drastically reduce the need for operator oversight and intervention, reduces your overall cost, and save time. Contact us for a FREE evaluation of your parts using the world’s most versatile robotic intelligence software to give you the confidence needed in your robotic and automation application.

    Photoneo Bin Picking Studio, what's in the box

    All-in-one picking solution for your robotic and automation projects.

    PhoXi 3D Scanner

    Superior 3D vision with various sizes and scanning ranges as well as optimized features for Bin Picking


    In-house developed CAD-based localization algorithms with smart features for bin picking like smart memory and quick scan

    Path Planning

    Path Planning optimized for 6-axis manipulators with the option of disabling the collision check for the speed boost in collision-free environments

    Robot Interface

    Generic interface to a wide portfolio of robots supporting a wide variety of commands

    Features of Bin Picking Studio

    Integrate Bin Picking Studio with a huge range of compatible robots, and discover true 3D picking across all volumes with best-in-class point clouds from the PhoXi 3D scanner.

    • Path Planning
      • Secures a collision-free movement of a manipulator. Crucial for complex environments
    • Vision System
      • Unlimited number of scanners, picked objects, and localization profiles
    • Robot Database
      • Full library of kinematic models of robotic manipulators
    • Solutions
      • Unlimited number of Bin Picking solutions stored in one system
    • Scanner Size
      • PhoXi 3D Scanner family consists of various sizes representing different scanning volumes

    Why choose Multipix Imaging for your next robotics and automation project?

    As machine vision technology specialists, we have been empowering our customers for 25 years to create successful machine vision solutions, using cutting-edge technology and components.

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