SmartRay Launch ECCO 95.200 3D Sensor For Large Field-of-View Applications

SmartRay, the innovative manufacturer of 3D sensors for quality inspection and measuring technology, has launched the latest addition to its industry-leading ECCO 95 sensor series, suitable for large field-of-view measurements in a range of industries.

The ECCO 95.200 delivers high-speed 3D scanning up to 10 kHz in an economical and compact design. The sensor has a wide field of view (FOV) and a large measurement range (MR).

The FOV is 190 mm at mid-field and up to 250 mm at far-field, while the MR of up to 250 mm is extendable to 360 mm if required in far-field. Lateral resolution is 102 µm, and the vertical resolution is 31 µm at mid-field.

SmartRay’s Multi-Sensor Registration (MSR) Technology can be used to extend the FOV with no compromise in lateral resolution. This is done by combining the FOV of two ECCO 95.200 sensors to scan large parts.

With its high resolution, high dynamic range and optimised optics, the ECCO 95.200 provides superior 3D data quality for manufacturing in industries as diverse as railway track inspection, machine tooling, consumer electronics, and food production. The balance between FOV, MR and resolution is ideal for scanning larger products, especially in the consumer electronics market where it can measure the dimensions, tilt, or warpage of large PCBs or boards.

In railway track inspection, it is suitable for height measurement of fastening screws, while in the tooling industry, it can be used to measure the height of drill bits and other heavy tools.

The housing dimensions of the ECCO 95.200 are exactly the same as the ECCO 95.040, ECCO 95.100 and ECCO 75.200. This makes it easier to switch to the newer model if scanning with a larger FOV or high scan rate is required.

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