CoaXPress, high speed serial communication standard for the transmission of video and still images is being used widely.

This standard enables high data rates to be sent over long cable lengths, and it supports power transmission. Since all CoaXPress cameras and frame grabber boards utilise the GenICam standard, HALCON is able to support a large variety of those devices.

Support can be achieved either in a generic way by using the HALCON GenICamTL interface, or via one of the existing proprietary interfaces.

Benefits of using CoaXPress:

  • High Data rates: up to 6.25Gbps over a single coax cable and up to 25Gbps using four cables.
  • Long Cable Lengths: In excess of 100m (without any hubs, repeaters etc.).
  • Real time behavior through fixed, low latency.
  • Precise triggering capability.
  • Flexible and reliable through use of standard coax – e.g. RG59 and RG6.
  • Ease of integration: video, communication, control and power over a single coax cable.
  • Cost effective cable solution.
  • Hot pluggable.
  • Royalty-free solution.

Multipix would recommend EURESYS CoaXLink CoaXPress framegrabber series which are supported by MVTec’s HALCON.

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