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  1. Innovative lenses from Opto Engineering

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    Opto Engineering continue to launch innovative telecentric lenses for machine vision applications including the

    TC4K telecentric lens series designed for measurement applications using 4K linescan cameras. The unique ‘Flat’ compact shape gives for easy integration with tight size constraints.  TC4K series feature standard F or M42 mount to fit common linescan camera interfaces.  The lens-camera interface provides both fine detector phase adjustment and a precise focusing mechanism. Detector phase adjustment allows to precisely position the linear FOV at 90° from the object movement direction.

    The TCLWD series is a range of telecentric lenses specifically designed for electronic and semiconductor Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and tool pre-setting machines. All lenses feature a long working distance of 135 mm while ensuring excellent optical resolution, high telecentricity and low distortion.  In addition to the long working distance, TCLWD optics deliver a numerical aperture large enough to take advantage of high resolution / small pixel size cameras, making these lenses a perfect match for general-purpose 2D measurement systems.

    For all the latest Opto Engineering lenses look here or contact sales@multipix.com