Euresys lead development on CoaXPress-over-Fiber

Euresys launch the Coaxlink QSFP+, a CoaXPress-over-Fiber PCIe frame grabber with a QSFP+ cage providing four bidirectional 10 Gbps links.

CoaXPress-over-Fiber is a light but significant extension of the existing CoaXPress specification to support transport over fiber optics. CoaXPress-over-Fiber provides an immediate solution to applications requiring fiber optics for video transport over long distances. CoaXPress-over-Fiber is also the future of CoaXPress, with direct expansion of the bandwidth towards 100, 200 and 400 Gbps. Euresys & Sensor to Image have been working on ‘developing the future’ of CoaXPress-over-Fiber, an innovative interface for computer vision applications. 

In addition to the Coaxlink QSFP+ board there is also the CoaXPress-over-Fiber Bridge IP Core for FPGA from Sensor to Image. The IP Core is perfect for customers developing a camera or image unit that requires a fibre interface which conforms to a vision standard.