Experience the enhanced UX features of Bin Picking Studio 1.5.0

Bin Picking Studio from Photoneo has a new version 1.5.0! Bringing significant improvements in performance & user experience.

Random Bin Picking is currently of great interest to many manufacturers, particularly as the use of Robotic arms are minimising downtime and assisting with production throughout the current crisis.  If you are looking for a solution to automate the picking of randomly orientated parts, out of a bin, then the Photoneo Bin Picking Studio should be considered.  The latest version bring the following features:

Save up to 200 ms per cycle: Localisation and path planning have been accelerated. The upgraded localisation engine shortens the localisation process by 500 ms, and the path planning algorithm was improved and received a significant performance boost.

Empty scene detection and fast scanning customisation solved 

The new Bin Picking Studio comes with a new version of the Localisation SDK 1.3.3. This means that the results of localisation are acquired faster and are more robust. Also added new fast scanning features that can be set up during the production process and not only during deployment. Adding an empty bin detection feature ensures the reduction of production lead time.

Access your robotic line from any place in the factory 

Photoneo have to adopt a tested and high-quality VNC solution, thus opening access to our installations. This means that from now on you can access your vision controller remotely without the need to be present near the robotic line or the device itself.

More robots and upgraded modules

The database of supported robot models has been extended by 13 new robots including the integration of a new robotic brand – Denso. Also upgrades to the smoothness and speed of robot motion for ABB, UR, and KUKA.

Improved UX and UI with tons of new features

We specifically addressed the use case scenarios of our customers and improved the system accordingly. This includes more than 200 minor changes aimed to improve the UX and UI experience. These cover especially the setup of a gripper and gripping points as well as UX aspects of the environment builder feature.

Learn more at the Photoneo Bin Picking Studio Webinar, Thur Oct 29th, 2.00pm -3.00pm – Register here 


Download full release notes to learn more

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