High Speed, High Resolution, High Bandwidth

No problem for the IO Industries Redwood cameras with CoaXPress-over-Fiber.

Up to 40Gbps!

Welcome to a new generation of High Speed & High Resolution Imaging… IO Industries are no stranger to the world of high speed and high resolution cameras so it is fitting that they have added a new model to their Redwood camera series.

The new 12MP Redwood camera is the latest edition in the series which now consists of 12MP, 45MP, 65MP. It doesn’t just stop there, this new 12MP model has also brought with it an update to the Redwood series in the form of the new CoaXPress-over-Fiber protocol.

CoaXPress has been notoriously successful in the machine vision world and extremely unique because of its combination of High Bandwidth, Low Latency and High Stability.

CoaXPress and CoaXPress-over-Fiber easily support link aggregation and most CoaXPress cameras currently use two or four links.

The Future of CoaXPress…

Euresys put CoaXPress-over-Fiber in the spotlight at VISION 2021 showcasing the new Coaxlink QSFP+ accompanied by the IO Industries Redwood Camera.

This new state-of-the-art framegrabber offers outstanding price to performance as well as one QSFP+ 40Gbps optical module a feature-rich set of 20 digital I/O lines and extensive camera control functions.

CoaXPress framegrabbers offer from one to eight connections per card. The initial configuration for CoaXPress-over-Fiber is 4 x 10Gbps (the same net bandwidth as four CXP-12 links) for a total of 40Gbps. There is a clear upgrade path towards 8 x 10Gbps = 80Gbps, 4 x 25Gbps = 100Gbps and 4 x 50Gbps = 200Gbps.

Redwood & Coaxlink QSFP+, Perfect Partners for your High Resolution Applications.