Photoneo Lead On Robotic Object Placement

The PhoXi 3D scanner provides quality 3D data necessary for the backbone of any robotics application

Photoneo continue to make waves in the world of robotics as their 3D cameras, the PhoXi 3D Scanner and MotionCam-3D, remain market leaders for capturing high quality 3D data through their structured light technology. It is cutting edge machine vision technology like this that is crucial to unlocking the true potential of advance automation by providing the sight for robots or cobots.

One of their earlier successes involved top researchers from GoogleAI, Stanford University and Columbia University creating a flexible, generalised robotic assembly project (Form2Fit). By using a framework of shape matching, the robot is able to build up a neural network by learning geometric shape descriptors and their target locations.

Once learned, these networks can be adapted to brand new and never seen before shapes by matching them to similar 3D data. Compare this to current robotic kitting assemblies, which require a huge amount of hardcoding for parameters and 3D model libraries.

View the full Form2Fit project here and see it in action below.


If you’re interested in utilising a Photoneo 3D camera for your robotics application, get in touch with us and one of our engineers will be happy to discuss it with you.

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