The Smart way to See with Impact Software

Impact Software Suite from Datalogic

The use of vision based systems is increasing throughout a large variety of vertical market sectors as production team’s deal with the demands of increasing throughput, maintaining quality and reducing waste. Datalogic Industrial Automation offer a complete family of high performance smart cameras and embedded machine vision systems, utilising the same Impact Software.

With over 100 tools, such as image filtering, product location, feature find, measure and flaw detection it is now more attainable for engineering companies and OEM’s alike to harness the power of machine vision. Vision is a key factor in providing an increase in productivity, quality and efficiency – ensuring that UK manufacturing remains competitive and is using technology which aids business growth.

Reaching both new and establish vision users, the Impact Software suite, is a powerful and versatile programming toolkit that delivers advanced inspection capabilities through its two software components – Vision Program Manager (VPM) and Control Panel Manager (CPM).
VPM – Vision Program Manager – this is the heart of the smart systems where applications are developed and flexible powerful solutions are created using a drag & drop programming style. This is appealing and highly successful in many scenarios where a cost effective solution must be created in a relatively short space of time.
CPM – Control Panel Manager – With an intuitive drag & drop configuration environment, it is a fast and powerful way to create a user interface for production line management and configuration of the inspection system.  Effectively the program created in VPM runs in the background whilst CPM provide a customised user interfaced.

Examples include the in-line inspection of;
(1) Bulb filaments – inspecting for filament breaks,

(2) Contact pins -measuring critical dimension and form,

(3) Indicator print inspection – looking for defects in the print quality.

There has never been a better time to learn more about benefits of machine vision and see for yourself how this exciting technology can be used on your production line.  Find out more about Impact Software Suite.

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