Datalogic Impact Software

Software suite for Datalogic smart cameras and embedded vision systems.

  • Over 120 inspection tools
  • 50 user interface controls.
  • Create unique inspection programs
  • Develop user interfaces with ease.


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Impact Software Suite (FOR USE WITH DATALOGIC PRODUCTS) has over 120 inspection tools and 50 user interface controls, allows users to create unique inspection programs and develop user interfaces quickly and easily. This can be done without the loss of flexibility, like traditional configurable systems, or the need for vast amounts of development time like traditional SDK environments.

Vision Program Manager (VPM) provides hundreds of image processing and analysis functions. Use VPM to enhance images, locate features, measure objects, check for presence or absence, reading text and bar codes.

Control Panel Manager (CPM) simplifies development of operator interfaces with the ability to make on-the-fly adjustments to critical machine controls. CPM creates operator interface panels to view and adjust critical machine controls.

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Datalogic launch new MX-E Series Vision Processors powered by IMPACT software

New Vision Processors gives Maximum Power and Extreme Flexibility The MX-E Series of GigE vision processors delivers extraordinary computing power and unmatched application flexibility guaranteeing long-term product availability. The highest-quality hardware components delivered in a rugged chassis ensure robustness and long-life service. Compared with the previous MX vision processor generation, the MX-E processors are up... Read more »

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The Smart way to See with Impact Software

Impact Software Suite from Datalogic The use of vision based systems is increasing throughout a large variety of vertical market sectors as production team’s deal with the demands of increasing throughput, maintaining quality and reducing waste. Datalogic Industrial Automation offer a complete family of high performance smart cameras and embedded machine vision systems, utilising the... Read more »

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